When real life takes over…

Well hey there! Long time no…um…type?

I know at the end of my last post I mentioned I might disappear for a few weeks now and again, but I had no idea my break 

would be quite so soon. And especially not for a whole 3 weeks! Do you know how much crazy stuff can happen in 3 weeks!?

Let me give you a rough idea…

Ant went off on a business trip to Arizona for a week. And I’m talking a FULL Sunday to Saturday week.

I’ll just let you use your imagination about how the kids and I spent so much awesome time together.

(Spoiler alert : There were Lots of movies, Lots of less than healthy meals, and Lots of early bedtimes!)

While Ant was out of town, I tried to salvage my sanity be the nice Mom and let the kids play in the Chick-fil-a

jungle gym thingy. It was an amazing hour of quiet as I sat outside that magical little room eating their ice cream. 

Well…at least it was until they both came down with the plague.

And then gave it to Ant. One word : Man-cold. Ugh!

Somewhere in between Ant’s return and the sickness, we took a family day and went to the Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Finally! We’ve been trying to go since we first moved to the area…3.5 years ago! (we’re so pathetic sometimes.)

Corbin turned 2. Yay!

Then mere days later he went through a major attitude overhaul. Boo! (I’m praying it’s just the new molars talking!) 

That was actually way back on March 27th, but since Ant was AWOL we didn’t have a party until April 12th.

Speaking of, I put together my first real “blog worthy” party. 

It freaking took for-ev-er to pull together, and no one showed up except my grandparents and Dad. 


There’s been quite a bit of of reading going on too, and here are some of my recent favorites…

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor – The best series ending I’ve read in a long while!

Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt – Sometimes you just need a bit of romance.

The Firery Heart by Richelle Mead – Seriously, just go read everything Mead has written. 

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi – Another good ending to an interesting series. Team Warner!

Cress by Marissa Meyer – Not as good as the first two books, but I still need to know how it all ends.

Fyre and Darke by Angie Sage – Great series for middle school readers!

And then this last week, we pretty much gave Lowe’s a ridiculous portion of our bank account in a attempt to start getting this place in order. Unfortunately most of that has gone towards yard work, so I don’t even have anything to show for all the work I’ve been doing digging, spreading, and planting – not until my bulbs start to sprout that is. 🙂

And of course we can’t forget about Easter. We opted out of coloring eggs this year, but since the bunny brought us enough candy

 for the whole stinkin’ block, the kids were still more than happy to run around the front yard looking for plastic eggs.

In the crafting department: (Sorry, you may have forgotten by now that I actually do those.) 

I finally finished the afghan that I started while I was pregnant with Corbin, Did I mention he’s 2 now? Yea, I rock.

I made the most adorable My Little Pony – Nightmare Moon costume that I can’t wait to share with you guys,

and I felt so bad about all the e-mails I got recently asking if I had a pattern for the Coastal Bliss dress,

that I actually dug out the scary wad of scrap papers that are my patterns and started grading a few things.

It’s been quite an interesting few weeks of randomness, but I’ve been sothankful for the recent increase in “family time”.

I’m really looking forward to going on many more family outings now the the weather has begun to warm up…kind of.

Berry picking, and amusement parks are always fun, but I’m also excited to get back in my room and get some sewing done!


What adventures are you looking forward to this summer?

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PS – I was offline for a good bit of the time I was gone (so nice to be unplugged!), and I’m still in the process of catching up on emails,

comments, and reading a zillion awesome blog posts. I’ll get back to everyone as soon as I can though. Promise!

6 thoughts on “When real life takes over…

  1. You crack me up! Glad to know I'm not the only one who starts a project only to finish it years later. I've been struggling to keep up with everything now that my little mister gave up his morning nap, but it has been fun to spend one on one time with him when his sis is at school. Glad you are back!
    Corey @ TinySidekick.com

    1. Ha ha, I spent about 5 years on a quilt for my Dad once, but with my enormous WIP pile, sometimes I'm just lucky I finish anything at all! I'm definitely NOT looking forward to the naps stopping around here. That's the only time I ever get anything done! And I'm lucky enough that Reli missed the kindergarten cut-off by a whopping 5 days, so I get to keep her home with me til she turns 6. umm..yay? 😀

  2. SEW good to hear from you again & the Lil ones are getting too grown up!! How's the house coming along? Glad to see you are fine & am looking forward to more posts in the future!! Hugs

    1. Hi Chelle! Seriously, when did Corbin get as big as Aurelia!? I must have blinked. o.O Not much going on inside the house just yet, but the lawn and flowers are looking good. (aka we can't agree on paint colors.) I have made my summer schedule though, so hopefully I'll get my crap together and stick around for awhile!

    1. Oh my goodness darlin', I have no idea how you do it! I mean it wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be, but I think a week is about my limit. And of course my goofy kids wont even eat hot dogs or mac&cheese. They actually want tofo instead. Little weirdos!

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