House Tour Part 3: Basement and Yard

Well, we covered the kitchen and dining room in Part 1, the bedrooms and bathrooms in Part 2, and now it’s time to head down into the cavernous depths of the basement where we hide our children so no one can hear their screams. Ha ha, I’m only kidding! I definitely lock them down there when I need to, but you can totally hear the shrieks of “Mommy I want a juice!!!” from anywhere in the house. Lucky me.

Updates planned for the stairwell
Basement Stairwell
Would it look odd for the downstairs and upstairs to have different color banisters?
Also, I still LOVE our Dyson Animal vacuum, and yes that is a dirty sock at the bottom of the stairs. 🙂
– Re-caulk all the cracking trim
– Choose a paint color
– Replace the brass light fixture
– Possibly change the color of the railing and banister. 
basement layout

The lay of the land…
Plan for the storage room
Storage Closet
This is probably the coolest little closet ever! If we didn’t have so much junk, I would probably turn it into a cute little room for the kids, but alas, I’m a hoarder so too bad for them. I’d like to build something like this eventually, but for now, as long as I can keep hiding away the things I don’t know what to do with, I’m good.
– Build a shelving unit
– Buy more totes
– Purge like there’s no tomorrow!
– Sort and organize what ever is left
Updates planned for the laundry room
Laundry Room
If you saw my Valentine’s day public service announcement about cleaning your dryer vents, you’ll already know that this was my very first project as soon as we got moved in. Maybe one day we’ll install a cabinet and cute it up a little, but at least it’s functional now. 
And of course it’s always nice that we’re less likely to burn down the house trying to dry our never-ending mountain of clothes.
– Check if Dad has any extra cabinets hidden away. (Everyone in my family is a hoarder!)
– Paint: Something fun and fresh. Is lavender weird for a laundry room?
– Hang up the ironing board
– Maybe build one of these for the laundry baskets.
– Replace the light fixture. The old one has a short in it…and it’s brass.
Bathroom redo plan

Basement Bathroom
This room is the very definition of the phrase “half-assed”, and I don’t even like to think about the amount of work we’ll need to do in order to make it an actual NICE bathroom. The medicine cabinet and towel bar are falling off the wall, the faucet knobs pop off, and the plumber decided to “fix” a lose pipe (a stipulation in our contract) by wedging a shampoo bottle between the pipe and the wall. I didn’t even bother to take a picture of the tub, but trust me, it looks like a bath fitter project gone wrong. Since we don’t have much use for a basement bathtub, I’m not sure what we’ll do in here yet. But if I ever win the lottery, you can bet the whole mess will be torn down to the studs for a complete do-over. At least in the mean time I’ve got a close place to pee when I’m in the middle of a project. 😉
Updates planned for the playroom
Plan for the playroom makeover
I’m so sick of helping pick up toys and then seeing them all dumped back out 5 minutes later.
Can’t we just leave it like this and pretend everything’s invisible? I know some of you would totally do the same!
– I already installed a blower on the fireplace so now maybe it won’t be so cold in the basement during the winter.
– Bring the sofa and chair down from the living room
– Paint: What color says “This is a fun kid’s room, but we aren’t ashamed to have adults over for a movie”?
– Block off the drafts around the sliding glass door and the back wall along the foundation. I started, but didn’t make it very far.
– Get rid of the vertical blinds and find a sliding curtain option. (The kid’s have helped by ripping most of the blinds down already!)
– Figure out a way to organize the toys. I like the trofast system, but these goobers just keep standing on the buckets.
– Either bring down the old tv from the living room, or get a new one to hang over the fireplace.
– More brass, but I think you guys have probably figured out how I feel about that by now.
Updates planned for the backyard

Updates planned for the backyard
Plan for the backyard makeover

Most of our time here the yard has been filled with snow, (seriously, we got 6 more inches yesterday!)
but once it warms up it’ll be so nice to send the kids outside and let them burn off some energy.

– Remove all the timbers, pebbles, mulch, and pavers and start from scratch.
– Level the gate so it doesn’t drag on the ground a find a latch that locks. Corbin has already figured out how to break out.
– Prune the ginormous azalea bush that is taking up a quarter of the yard.
– Get rid of the ten (yes 10!!) bags of rock salt that the old owner left behind the lattice.
– Throw down some grass seed and try to conquer that moss that’s taking over the right side of the yard.
– Bracket the stairs in place since they aren’t actually attached to the center support. 


We’re totally gonna eat most of our summer meals out here!

– Remove the extra handrails. Why are they doubled up to begin with?

– Take down the lighting on the stairs.

– Fix all the protruding nails before someone gets snagged.

– Sand the railings. I really don’t want to have to wrestle splinters out of anyone unless I absolutely have to!

– Bring up the kid’s plastic table and stools and spray paint them something other than neon green.

– Buy some flower boxes, and get a bit of color going out here.

– Get a grill and some patio furniture. Ant would like to sit out here with his morning coffee.

That’s it for the main bits of the house, but don’t forget to stop back later this week for a peek at my own personal space – my Sewing Room! *squee* I can’t tell you how nice it is to say that after working out of the dining room for so long, and I’m super excited to get everything in order so I can start creating again. I can already feel that this is going to be my most productive sewing year ever, and I can’t wait to share some of the surprises I’ve got in store for you awesome readers who have stuck by me during all the moves, babies, and crazy parts. Thank you so so much. I truly hope you’ll enjoy the fun adventures to come!

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4 thoughts on “House Tour Part 3: Basement and Yard

  1. Ok, I was trying to mentally bullet point my comments as I read, but I'll probably forget a few. First, I totally need a new vacuum–logging away your recommendation. Second, I think lavender would be cool in the laundry room! For a smaller space that not many people will see anyway, I say go crazy and do something that'll make you be happy to be in there instead of dreading doing laundry, right? That playroom is so nice and bright, I would never ever have thought it was in a basement. What a great room! Your whole house just seems so bright, I love that. And that deck is FANTASTIC. We have a super crappy, totally falling apart teeny little itty bitty deck off the back of our house, and one of our first plans when we bought it was to knock the deck down and build a nice spacious one. Almost 2 years later . . . yep, nothing has happened back there 😉 Oh well. Your deck will be awesome for summer meals!

    1. Yay bullet points!
      – We got our vacuum strictly on the "will it suck up hair" factor. (both mine & the cats) Since you don't have pets there may be a much cheaper one that is just as good or even better for you guys.
      – I'm not sure there is a color out there that would make me dread laundry less. Oh wait no, that's dishes. I don't do those. 😉
      – As a former basement dweller, I knew you'd appreciate all the sun. It's so awesome NOT living in a cave anymore!
      – I remember your little deck, but you guys also have a nice big yard! And you can always add one eventually. Our yard is mostly just deck. Awesome lunches – yes. Tomatoes and cucumbers – Not so much.

  2. Toni, what FUN!! I have loved the tour & this basement! WOW! Its like you could house another whole family down there!!!! SEW excited to see your new "personal" space!! Looking forward to see ALL the stuff that has been accumulating in your brain!!! Happy Clearing, Remodeling, your new home!!!

    1. Oh my goodness Chelle, I've been meaning to e-mail you for ages! I completely forgot that you were probably off enjoying a nice summer vacation while we were over here freezing our tushies off. 😛 I can't wait to start sharing some fun stuff, but I must admit "all the stuff accumulating in my brain" is a super scary thought. Who knows what kind of long-forgotten projects are bouncing around in there? Like maybe a knit fabric explanation chart! 😉

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