How to sew a simple neckline facing

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tutorial for sewing a neckline facing

Yesterday I showed you how to change the shape of a neckline and create a matching facing,
but I got a bit carried away and never explained exactly what a facing is or why you should use one.

A facing is a small piece of fabric that is used to reinforce a neckline or sleeve opening, and finish the raw edge neatly. You can think of it as a small piece of lining, but it pretty much keeps the neck or armhole of an outfit from getting stretched out of shape. If you're a beginner to sewing, you are probably thinking "Eh...I can skip these." (I know I used to think that!), but trust me, learning this simple skill will definitely improve the look of your garments. It's an easy way to make your finished projects look much more professional!

Neckline facings
 Use fusible interfacing to stabilize facings
 Stitch facings at the shoulder seams
Finish the bottom edge of the facing.
 Stitch the shoulder seams on the bodice.
Attach the facing to the bodice.
Sew neckline and clip curves and corners.
 Sew facing ends.
Tutorial for facing a neckline
 Flipped ends hide the raw edges.
 Tutorial for sewing a neckline facing
If you don't want the row of top-stitching to show on the outside, you can sew the
facing to the seam allowances along the top edge instead to keep it hidden.
The same steps apply for armhole facings as well,
but please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
Happy Sewing!
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  1. I was trying to find a joke to do with facings but I'm all out. I tried though :)

    1. It's the thought that counts! I'm sure one will come to you later.


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