I mentioned in my Resolutions 2013 post that I would like to make some new sewing techniqe videos to share with you guys. I tried a few months back, but everything was turning out soo blurry and dark. It’s not really worth it to spend all that time editing videos that no one will be able to see!

So I asked Ant for some new movie gear for Christmas, and Boy did he deliver! I am now the proud owner of special daylight lamps to counteract the cave we live in (stupid north facing windows!), and also a new tripod so I can record with my DSLR instead of our wobbly little Flip camera.

But now that I have this whole new set-up figured out I still have one small problem…

What videos should I shoot?

I have already had requests for zipper tutorials,

and I’ve been working on videos for invisible, centered, and lapped versions. 

But after that…*shruggs*

In case you’ve missed some, here are the ones I’ve made so far…

(all located under the tutorials tab)

The Basics

Bias Tape
 Presser Feet
Now, this is where I need your help! Do you have any suggestions? Is there anything that you’d really like to learn how to do, or just always confused you? Seam Finishes? Pockets? Casings? Appliques? Darts? Tucks? Pleats? Eventually I would like to be able to refer readers back to these videos if I post a dress or outfit tutorial instead of having to explain every little detail right there in that post. 
It doesn’t necessarily have to be something made into a video,
but what tutorials would be most helpful to you?

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2 thoughts on “Any input?

  1. How bout some "Do/Don't" when sewing w/ knits? I get confused w/ all the different types of knits out there! Too much to process. Setting/Resetting tension & why. Proper thread for type of fabric. Like you said, doesn't have to be a vid! Thanks for asking for info Toni! kweenbee_612@yahoo.com

  2. Aha! I didn't realise you had videos! (I may live under a rock?)

    I've just bought a binding foot so I'll check out that video!

    I wouldn't mind seeing a good tutorial for twisted pintucks. The only tutorials I can find are on really crazy busy fabric and not particularly easy to follow.

    Thanks lovely xx

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