8 month old baby with teddy bear

Wow, eight whole months. It doesn’t really feel like much has changed for Corbin lately. 
He’s still crawling, cruising, and getting into everything he can possibly reach. No real interest in trying to walk yet though. I think he’s figured out that it will be faster for him to sit and crawl to where he wants to be. That gate is only open for a second after all, and you have to make a break for it as quick as you can!
8 month old baby with teddy bear
He has gotten quite a bit more chatty, but he still only says Mama & Dada mixed in with the usual baby babble. Mostly I feel like he’s just gotten louder. I guess Corbin thinks that since Reli is always jabbering at max volume, that he has to yell and scream to be heard over her. That was cute for all of about 10 min. before it had me running for the Tylenol! Why don’t these things come with volume controls again?

Collage of 8 months of baby pictures
My head might hurt, but for now I’m just trying to make the most of his clingy-ness. 
Before I know it I won’t be able to get him to sit still long enough to get a good snuggle!

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