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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Have you all been following the Sew in Tune Series that's being hosted by 
Melissa of Melly Sews, and Stacey of Boy,Oh Boy,Oh Boy?

They've shared some really cool* music inspired projects for boys already, and still have more than 2 weeks to go! Pop on over to Melly Sews today to check them out, and see my latest t-shirt refashion. Baseball!

*my husband has informed me that "boy stuff" is called cool, awesome, or sweet, but not cute. 
Guess I've got more to learn about these little guys than I thought!

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4 Months

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well, 4 months have passed since Corbin was born, and lately I've been feeling every. single. day. of that time. We had 2 blessed weeks of full nights sleep. Unfortunately, I must have mentioned it to you guys, and jinxed the crap out of that one. Over the past month I have not gotten more than 5 consecutive hours of sleep, and man am I hurtin'! (Do normal people tear up watching the Olympics? or should I just blame the exhaustion?)

Well, on the up side...Corbin has started teething,
and Reli has decide she doesn't need to nap anymore.

Oh Wait. That's not exactly an "up side" is it?
I am SO screwed.

We got the green light from the Dr. to start solid foods though, so if that makes 
this chunky man happy enough to sleep a little more at night then I'm all for it! 

And before someone comments about how breast milk is the only food babies need until 
they are 6 months old, blah-dee blah blah... I respectfully ask that you Shut It.
At 18lbs and 27 inches this 4 month old is larger than babies twice his age!

Corbin reacted to food like a man who just found water in the desert! 
He actually enjoys it, and is only getting a small amount each day.
It's not like I'm going to stop nursing him just to stuff him full of rice cereal. 

I will probably hop him up on as much orajel as possible though. ; D 
A Mom's gotta get SOME sleep right?
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