2 Months

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I can't believe it's been 2 months!

Part of me thinks that we just brought Corbin home a few days ago, but my sleep deprived brain knows otherwise. Losing small amounts of sleep over an extended period of time is really catching up with me.
Last month I was loving the fact that he is such a mama's boy, but now I know better. Now I've finally
realized it means that I am the only one who can calm him down and get him to sleep!  : /

Let's just say, when Mama isn't happy no one else is happy either.
There isn't an abundance of patience in our house right now, but we're working on it. 

I should have gotten a picture of those thighs. He looks like a mini sumo wrestler!
Corbin actually hit the 2 month mark on Sunday, but I wanted to wait until after his Dr. visit so I could share
how much he has grown. Just look at all that chub! He has started growing rolls on top of rolls!

He had the scrawniest little chicken legs when he was born,
 started to grow cheeks at 1 month, and now weighs in at a whopping 15 lbs 3 oz!

Everyone tells you to enjoy this time because they grow so fast, but this is ridiculous.
Babies generally gain 1-2 lbs a month and double their weight by 6 months.
Corbin has gained more than 7 lbs in 2 months, and that isn't including what he lost that first week!
No wonder I'm so tired. My body must be working overtime to make chocolate milk shakes!

And you would think that all this weight gain means that he is eating constantly right?
But no, he eat 6 times a day. Yup...6. Not even the 8-12 feedings that the Dr. recommends.
Could you imagine how big he'd be if I fed him a dozen times a day?!

If only MY "bikini body" rolls looked so cute. ;D
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Pink Peasant Dress

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Remember last week when I cut a hole in my project with the serger?
Well I dug through all the fabric I own, and luckily found a large enough scrap from an old shirt.
With that I managed to cut a new back piece even though it wasn't on grain. Then it was only a matter of unpicking every. single. seam. (including the serging), and putting it all back together again.

Good thing she's so cute, or I probably wouldn't have gone through all the hassle.
But I pretty much melt when she says "Mommy's gonna make a dwess fwom da fabwics. I chi it on!"

These are some of the extra "blurry" pictures I was practicing with this past weekend.
Not my best idea to shoot a pale outfit in full sunshine, but now I know better for next time.

I used Simplicity 2377 because I happen to have one sitting around, 
but you could easily make your own from any basic raglan sleeve pattern.


Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional has a similar Bohemian Peasant dress tutorial
Or you could also start with the U R My Sunshine dress by Kelly at Sewing in No Mans Land

So I know things have been a bit dull around here lately, but I really appreciate you all for stickin' with me.
Trying to do chores, run errands, wrangle a toddler, nurse a baby, sew a dress, take/edit photos,
 write a blog post, spend five minutes with your husband, and still get a few hours sleep is A LOT 
harder than most Bloggy Moms make it seem. Or maybe my super powers just haven't kicked in yet. 

Bet I could do it all if I gave up on sleeping, but that sure as heck ain't gonna happen!
I'll happily settle for being mediocre if it means I get to sleep. ; D

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Blurry is a GOOD thing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's been a Looong weekend involving broken teeth, visits with grandparents, cooking/baking (potato salad, french silk pie, strawberry banana muffins, and extraordinary chocolate chip cookies), dinner with friends, and trying to find a really fun playground, but I still found a little time to practice my photography.

I've mostly been working on the whole blurry background - focused subject thing.
(I'm sure the is a technical name, but I 'm sure I don't remember what it is.)

And I just happened to be lucky enough to catch my Gramma's peonies in bloom.

 Aren't they gorgeous? I was disappointed to have missed the lilacs, but these are a really awesome back-up!

 Gramma & Papa's house

 Then I got to practice again while Reli was running around at the battlefields.
(Any one else have a kid who constantly scratches their face? I'm about to make her wear mittens. Permanently!)

 This little guy decided to land next to me at the park. How neat!

All straight from the camera without any fussing at all. So cool!
Now I just have to figure out how to do this without over exposing parts of the picture.
My kids really don't wanna cooperate with the whole "golden hour" timing,
so I have to work with the lighting I'm given. : D

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Umm...Is that a hole?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Have you ever pulled something like this?
You're sewing along, and all of a sudden you have a HUGE uh oh moment.

This was me last night. I was completely finished with a new dress for Reli, hemmed and all, when I decided to re-serge the waist seam to reduce some of the bulk from the gathering. I remove it from the serger, hold it up, and Wait WHAT! The middle of the bodice somehow got caught up in the waist. Oh well, just un-pick it and try again right? I must have caught a bigger chunk than I thought, because after everything is unpicked I am left with what you see above.

GRRRRR! 2 holes in the middle of the bodice back.
No way to hide it. I mean who puts a flower or applique in the middle of their back?
AND I'm out of that fabric, so there is no point in taking the whole dress apart and replacing that piece. 

What would you do? 
Patch it and hope no one can tell?
Throw it in the corner and pretend it doesn't exist?
Trash it? Cry a lot? Burn it? : D

This is such a waste of what precious little sewing time I have! 
I'm completely open to any suggestions, but for right now I'm gonna take the
day off before I ruin anything else!
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Mother's Day - take one

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Morning!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend. 
I'm not gonna lie. My day could have been WAY better.

Corbin decided to wake me up at 2 am so I could start enjoying my day early, and then would not go back to sleep! What the Fudge? He's been sleeping through the night for almost 2 weeks now! He must be going through another growth spurt, because my normally laid back lil man was fussy all day, and would  Not. Stop. Eating!

No breakfast in bed around here. 
By 6 am I gave up on getting any sleep and was already up cutting out patterns.

Reli decided that she was taking the day off from potty training. 
(Why is Daddy always missing when the carpet needs cleaned? ; D)

And Ant has a raging ear infection that pretty much made him miserable the entire weekend.
No lie his ear is so swelled up it's sticking out making him look like an elf! (Sorry honey)

We couldn't even manage to pull ourselves together for a simple dinner out. 
So I'm just taking a rain check this time around and crossing my fingers that my birthday jinx 
isn't spreading to other special days now too.  At least I managed to get a bit of sewing finished!

A Mother's work is never done...
Any other Moms out there taking a rain check?
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My newborn must haves...Part 2 the Wants

Thursday, May 10, 2012

After going over the Needs yesterday, here is the Fun Stuff. This is a list of some of my favorite little "extras". 
They aren't essentials, but can make your life with a newborn much easier!

What to expect book series
What to Expect Books - The First Year
You might have read the When You're Expecting one during your pregnancy, and the second one is just as good at explaining what's going on with your new baby. It's like the Google Search of Parenting.
Also check out the website...WhatToExpect.com

baby scalp scrubber
Scalp Scrubbie
Here's another item you might be able to swipe from the hospital, and if you don't you're really missing out. This is perfect for washing baby hair, and even helps remove cradle cap.  Every parent I know who has one of these scrubbers has told me that they used it until it broke in half. And then they used the pieces!  But if your hospital doesn't provide one, you can always get them on amazon here or here.

Summer infant swaddler
Not all babies like them, and they can be a little controversial, but we couldn't live without them in our house. The trouble is finding the one that keeps your baby contained and safe. The last time we used the style pictured above, but it wasn't exactly escape proof. This time I decided to make my own,and it has been working wonders for us so far. If you'd like to give it a try, check out my peanut swaddler tutorial.

Granola babies ring sling
If you're on your second child, or just have a baby who constantly wants to be held, this can be a life saver!
I recently made a ring sling (like the one pictured above) and having Corbin in it is the only way that I can grocery shop without either bringing my husband, or pushing 2 carts!  Just keep in mind that these things can take lots of practice before you can really use them with ease. I was seriously bawling the first time I tried to use our sling, but now it is much easier. (Let's just blame all the crying on hormones!)

I also have a Moby Wrap that we used when Reli was born, and while it might work fine for older babies, I had a tough time getting it tight enough to hold a newborn properly. Plus you have to put it on before you leave the house so it doesn't drag in the dirt, and you could possibly sweat to death while wearing it. Some people swear by them though, and there are so many different carrier/sling options, that it really is a personal choice.

Fissher Price sleep n' play rocker
Sleep 'n Play Rocker
I wish so much that I had known about this when Reli was born. Corbin probably spent about 80% of the first month living in this rocker, and it has been wonderful! We have a very short bed (like a foot off the ground), and I just pull this up along side me at night. I don't have to get out of bed for feedings, and it is so easy to rock him to sleep while I'm still laying down. I pretty much just push it from room to room all day as I do chores around the house. We've even taken it to friend's houses for play dates, and it is so much simpler than hauling a bouncy chair or pack n play.
little lamb cradle n' swing
My Little Lamb Cradle 'n Swing
This was my splurge when we had Reli, and we used it almost every day because she was one of those babies that needs to be held or rocked constantly. So far we've only used it a handful of times with Corbin. He likes it, and has taken a few naps in it, but I don't NEED to use it with him. I really think this one depends on the baby, but we did like this model. It's definitely a heck of a lot better than the old school crank swings!
(I was the older sibling, and spent WAY too much time turning that stupid crank! lol)

Soothe and glow seahorse
Soothe & Glow Seahorse
This was the first baby item I bought when I found out I was pregnant, and it is awesome! We actually own 2 of them now. Reli is now 2 1/2 and has used her's every night since she was born! When she was a baby I remember memorizing the song order so that I could be ready to restart it as soon as it ended. Back then the 5 minutes of music didn't seem long enough. It was across the room in the pack n play, which is no fun in the middle of the night. Now that we have it right next to the bed in the rocker, restarting it is much easier, and I love him even more.
Nikon D3100 camera
It doesn't matter if you have a fancy one or not. Just keep it handy, because people aren't kidding when they say babies grow up too fast. Enjoy this sweet little newborn time, and document it as much as you can.
The terrible twos are just around the corner!

Did I forget anything?
Leave a comment letting me know what your must have newborn item is.
I don't want to be missing out on something amazing!
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My newborn must haves...Part 1 the Needs

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

If you are expecting, you have probably picked up most of the things on this list already.
But just in case, these are my Needs you might not know you Needed...

Sleep Gowns
 Yeah, I made it all caps because I wish someone had told me the truth about them! Stop buying all the teeny tiny cute outfits, because chances are half of them will never even be worn. Your baby will most likely spend their first month in either these gowns, or a simple snap sleeper. Trust me, they will definitely make your nightly diaper changes go more smoothly. Get 2 or 3 of the cutesie outfits for pictures or special days, and save the rest of your money for diapers! (Make your own tutorials can be found here and here.)
Pampers Swaddlers
Speaking of diapers...I hate wasting money on them. We usually buy the cheaper brands, but splurging on these for the first few months is totally worth it. That little stripe that changes color when the diaper is soggy, can be a real sleep saver if you want to know if it's changing time without waking baby up!
Most hospitals use these, so take as many as you can. It's not stealing. Think of how much $ you're paying them!

Burp Cloths
This is another GET MORE situation. Spit happens. A LOT.
Go ahead and make a dozen (or 2) more burp rags to add to your collection.

BoppyEnough said. Even if you don't plan to breast feed buy the pillow, but go ahead and sew your own covers.

Binkie, Paci, Noonie, Dummy, Mute Button
Whatever you call it, you'll want one! I was really surprised that the hospital didn't supply one when Corbin was born, but they did with Reli. There is always a big to do about nipple confusion for breast feeding Moms, but we've never had a problem. I figure if your little one starts to get mixed up just stop using the bink and they'll get over it. You might just have to find one that they like. I know we went through at least a half dozen before one "stuck" with Reli. Worry about weaning them off it later. Get some sleep Now! : D

For the Breastfeeding Set

Breast Pump
I don't want to endorse any particular brand since I've only used one hands free system. If you are truly serious about breastfeeding do the research and find something that meets your needs. With our first I thought things would go smoothly and bought a hand pump thinking it would be able to handle the job. I couldn't have been more wrong! Schedules got wonky, my supply dropped, and there was no way back with that little hand pump. This time around I had to "pump and dump" because of medication only 2 weeks after Corbin was born. 
Oh boy, was I happy that I had upgraded! Be sure to look up open vs. closed systems.
Reusable Hot/Cold Packs
I didn't think I needed them, but I was wrong. Again.
You may be able to score these at the hospital. Doesn't hurt to ask the nurses. 
Trust me. You'll wish you had once your armpit boob starts throbbing!

Nursing Bras
 Bras are another thing that I just hate wasting money on. It is so hard to find something that fits just right, and if you do find the "one", you better buy a dozen of them immediately because they will probably be discontinued. Yes, this has happened to me. more than once. Being a small person with big boobs (34DD pre-baby) really sucks!  Sorry if that's TMI, but I'm a tad bitter about the bra department. 

Anyway, back on track...I'm happy to see that the prices seem to have gone down since the last time I did my maternity shopping. I purchased both of the ones pictured above from Target and Love them!  But if you're wondering, the Medela sleep bra wasn't terribly supportive, and doesn't hold up to the wash very well. 

If you happen to have a suggestion about which is the "perfect" nursing bra, I'd love to hear it! 
(and share it with my pregnant friends who are all having the same problem. We'd all adore you forever! : D)

Well, Those are all my Needs. Be sure to check back tomorrow for 
My newborn must haves...Part 2 the Wants.

Thanks for reading!
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