This must be nesting...

Monday, March 26, 2012

How do 37 week pregnant women spend their weekends?

Why shampooing the carpets of course!
(but that's only because the windows were done last week ; )
Thanks so much Honey for the SUPER unflattering pictures you took behind my back!  : P

And although the process of moving all that furniture unfortunately didn't bring on any signs of labor, I'm still convinced that something is happening. I've got my fingers crossed super hard that the Dr. will tell me tomorrow that we could have this baby here by next weekend, because that is an April Fools prank that I would be more than happy to play on my whole family! 

What was your weirdest project you took on during your nesting phase?
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How do you know you're pregnant?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

After spending the morning at a playdate with a friend of mine, who also happens to be pregnant (her third in 3 years!), I just couldn't help sharing some of our complaints thoughts on the process with all of you. 

You know you're pregnant when...

- You stop bothering to put on "real pants" unless you know you'll have to leave the house that day.

- You suddenly start crying while watching a Disney movie you've seen a hundred times before. 
(It was Cars for me.)

-You have refolded the baby clothes "just so" at least 4 times, but probably have at least one basket of clean laundry sitting around unfolded. (Bonus points if it has been there more than a week!)

-You've scrubbed the kitchen cabinets, the windows, the cupboard under the bathroom sink, and the inside of the washing machine, but still haven't managed to vacuum up the crushed goldfish crackers from the living room carpet. (They've been there all week too, right next to the unfolded laundry. ; )

-You can go from absolutely STARVING, to completely full in just 3 bites from a sandwich.

- You have never been more convinced that a bra is a torture device meant to crush your already mangled ribs.

-You desperately NEED "X" food, until you have a few bites and then decide it grosses you out.

-Getting comfortable in bed at night feels oddly similar to a game of Twister.

-You are so winded from hauling yourself out of a chair that you have to sit back down and rest.

- Antacids have become just another food group, and accompany every meal, snack, glass of water. . .

- You have started to use your other children to reach anything below knee level.

- Your bed looks like someone is in the process of building a pillow fort.

-You have Lost/Found your keys, cell phone, pen, TV remote, etc... in the refrigerator.

- You are convinced that you will actually get more sleep with a newborn around, because right now you're up every hour to pee. (not to mention the rib kicks, heartburn, charlie horses, back/hip pains...)

- You actually pray for a "normal" poop. (TMI, but admit it, it's true!)

- You start wearing the same pair of shoes every time you leave the house. Not because they are so cute, but simply because they slip on.

-You have considered buying a chair for the bathtub because just the thought of standing the whole time you wash your hair is exhausting.

- You just asked your husband the same question 6 times and still have no idea what his answer was.

- You claim the smell of "ingredient X" makes you nauseous simply to get out of cooking dinner.

- You forget the word for "that thing" at least 3 times in a single conversation. You know "THAT THING!"
(Bonus points if you are actually holding said "thing" at the time.)

-If you laughed about anything written above, you probably need to go change your underwear!

Ok, now it's your turn. 
How did you know that you were pregnant?

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Dyed onesies are better than eggs!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our house has been far more focused on the coming baby than the Easter holiday this year,
so instead of dyeing eggs I decided to take on all those grubby "white" hand-me-downs of Reli's.

Please ignore the dirty fence. I had to drive all over the neighborhood to find a spot to hang my "clothes line"
and didn't think to wipe it off because the people out strolling were already giving me odd looks! ; D
You wash all those cute little baby clothes, and then pack then away just in case you'll be able to use them for the next time you bring home a little one... to share w/ family and friends...or even just for nostalgia.

Then one day you go through those boxes only to find that half of the clothes are covered in 
giant yellow stains! What the heck happened? They were clean when you boxed everything up! 
Did some freak mold start eating your precious baby clothes?

 You are just now beginning to realize how potent your little bundle's spit-up actually was.
(and the reaction is sooo much worse with formula than with breast-milk, but that stains too!)

I don't know exactly what happened, but I'm sure any of you who have had multiple children can sympathize.

That funky one on the left was my failed attempt at gradient dye. Fail!
So you Goggle, call your Mom, then call Gramma, and eventually just start asking anyone with children if they know the trick to removing the stains that are by now years old, and have more likely than not been set in even more by having gone through the dryer once upon a time.

Honestly I tried...
Dawn dish soap with Peroxide,
Dawn and Peroxide plus Baking Soda,
The gold bar of Dial bath soap,
Spray n' Wash, Shout, Fels Naptha,
Oxyclean, and Vinegar,
with every possible combination of hot - warm - cold water.

Some stains came out, but some didn't, And I couldn't even tell you what worked since some things went through almost every one of the above processes! LoL. Eventually I broke down and even soaked a pile of stuff in diluted bleach which made me feel like a really bad Mom, but boy did those burp rags turn white! (and stink!) 

Finally I gave up and anything that was "retire-able" went into a dye bath to see if it could be salvaged.

And after randomly mixing some RIT (kelly green, lemon yellow, sunshine orange, royal blue)
and a package of Dylon Bahama Blue (powder at Joann's), I think they pretty much all turned out cute.

*I fully admit to: not reading the directions, dyeing in containers too small for the garment (like a candle holder!), and forgetting to add salt to most of them, but I also kinda like the tie-dye/splotchy/sun faded look. *

Now, even though I like how everything turned out...
I'm all ears if you really do have a solution for cleaning those baby clothes!
(I think it has become one of those things that just eats at you because you don't know! : D)

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Tasty Tuesday - Strawberry Banana Muffins

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lately I've been on the look out for breakfast ideas that are more substantial than a granola bar,
but just as easy to serve. During this last month, and right after the baby comes home, 
I know I won't exactly have the energy to be whipping up bacon and omelets in the mornings! 

We already have the standard toaster waffles, pre-cooked sausage (grosses me out, but Reli loves it : /),
and some mini pancakes that I made and froze awhile back, but it just doesn't seem like enough variety.

And since I'm not quite ready to resort to pop-tarts and doughnuts (not yet at least!), I've started baking as many different muffins
as I can come up with. They are the perfect thing to pull right from the freezer, microwave for a few seconds, and feed to your
"starving" child in the mornings!

It started with your standard blueberry. Then came the banana nut, pumpkin cream cheese, cinnamon sugar, apple crumb,
and even a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. But my latest experiment has been these Strawberry Banana Muffins from the
Joy of Baking website.

I don't say experiment because I expected them to fail, but only because Ant gave me a rather quizzical look when I told him
what I was making. His response was something along the lines of "Those sound.....interesting." That's a rather un-expected
statement coming from a guy who almost NEVER turns down any kind of food! 
(Salmon & Tofu are the only things I know he "doesn't like", and I've still seen him eat those.)

 Luckily, the muffins ended up tasting wonderful, but they have also "mysteriously" disappeared from the freezer.
Oh well, guess I'll just have to make another batch.

Any other flavors you'd suggest adding to my stockpile?
I can never have too many muffins!
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10 Minute Dribble Bib Tutorial (T-shirt up-cycle)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ok, I know that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of bib tutorials already floating 
around in bloggy-land, but what could one more possibly hurt?

So today I'd like to share with you the cheapest, and most simple drool catcher that I have ever come across. Even if you aren't much of a seamstress, I can almost guarantee that you can make one of these bibs for your little one in under 20 minutes. (10 if you don't decorate it!) They really are that simple, and mine ended up costing less than 75 cents a piece! (Gotta love Salvation Army discount day!)

an iron
a T-shirt
a bib to trace
freezer paper
sewing machine & pins
small piece of velcro (about 1 inch)

 Pick your favorite style bib and trace it onto a piece of freezer paper.
If you don't have a bib handy, just goggle bib pattern. They are everywhere.

Cut out your shape and iron the paper (wax side down!) onto your t-shirt.
Make sure you either iron or smooth out the tee really well before attaching the paper.
You can easily get 8 layers from 1 Men's XL T-shirt.

Cut around your pattern piece. If you are careful you can cut out 2 (shirt front and back) at the same time.
Then just peel off the freezer paper and iron it onto a different part of the shirt until you have cut out as many layers as you'd like. I re-ironed the same pattern more than 6 times and it was still sticking. It's like magic!
Do you have a little baby who is dribbling?
Or a toddler who is teething and would be better off living in the bathtub?
I made bibs with 2, 3, and 4 layers. It just depends on your munchkin's needs.

Go ahead and decorate the top layer if you'd like,
and then stack them up as neatly as you can.

Pin the layers together and stitch around the edge at 1/4 inch.
If some spots didn't match up exactly just trim them off. They won't fray.

Sew on your pieces of velcro.
(use white top thread and a matching bobbin to hide the stitches)

Ta Da! 
You're done.
I told you it was simple! 
And how long did it take you?
(minus the snack/potty/tantrum/baby breaks)

The hardest part for me was deciding how to decorate each one.
The star was just a reverse applique using the middle layer as backing.

But I also made. . . 
a bleached robot,

a hand painted cow,

a bit of appliqued argyle,

and a few freezer paper stenciled warnings.

 Plus I still have A LOT of knit leftover from all the different t-shirts.
Good thing I've got plenty more baby projects that can use up those scraps!

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Snapshot Sunday - Used Book Store

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I can still remember getting in trouble when my parents were up watching TV, for sneaking
down the hall to read by the light from the living room, long after I was sent to bed.

Then in middle school, I was pretty much Belle from the beginning of Disney's Beauty & the Beast. 
At least 95% of my day was spent with a book in hand: on the bus in the morning, walking the halls at school,
at the lunch table, in the car running errands, wandering around the "boring stores" with my parents.

As I got older things like boys, school work, a job, and most recently kids,
inevitably started to eat into my reading time. But I still enjoy a good book whenever I can. 
(Last week I finally broke down and read all 3 Hunger Game books in just 3 days!) 

Unfortunately all the books from my youth mysteriously vanished as I got older, and now I'm starting from scratch to build up a library for my own children. (Why are there half a dozen trash bags full of my gross stuffed animals in the basement but not a single story book?!) So I'm sure I don't have to explain my giddiness when I first found out there is a giant used book store just down the street. Then it got even better when I was told they give out credits when you trade in your old unwanted books, CD's, and VHS tapes. Double Score!

This is just a very small corner of the Children's section!
The first thing I started collecting was the Serendipity Series by Stephen Cosgrove.

 Does anyone remember these little moral stories?

I LOVED the Leo the Lop ones when I was little!

For me this is just as good (if not better) than going to a thrift store. 
Just this week I found this entire set of Beatrix Potter stories

Spines never even cracked

For 75 cents a piece!

Now I think we're almost ready to move on to the Golden Books,
but there are more than a few of those to sort through...

Then there are always the Berenstain Bears, Winnie the Pooh, Dr. Seuss...

Thank goodness Reli has already taken such an interest in reading,
but I sure hope that the little man catches the book bug too!

Do you have any favorite books that you can't wait to share with your children?
Or have even packed away in hopes of passing them onto your grandchildren?

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Not So Original Burp Cloths

Friday, March 9, 2012

You know when you have an idea. And I'm talking a GOOD idea.
The kind of idea that sends you running to your husband / best friend / the mail man,
with your "Look at me I'm so freakin' clever!" grin on?

That lasts for about a hour (maybe a whole day if you're lucky!) before you start bopping around 
Pinterest / your favorite blogs / Google / what ever fun place it is that you go, and then IT HAPPENS...
(Dun...Dun...Duh...*pathetic theatrical music*)

Low and behold. There, on your screen...RIGHT THERE!!!!

Is a photo of YOUR "brilliant idea".
and THEY (you know them right?) posted about it Months, even YEARS ago.

well crap.
And you don't dare go tell your husband that maybe you aren't as smart as you thought you were.
You've made that mistake before only to hear "Well, there's nothing new under the sun. Right?" 
Which only makes you want to slug him, because that is NOT what he was supposed to say.

This has happened to all of you before right? 
(Please say yes, or I'm really gonna feel like a lunatic.)

Later you'll start psyching yourself out that "Maybe it wasn't THAT amazing of an idea anyway",
and "Anyone with a little sense could have figured it out."

So before I get too far down that road and decide not to bother posting about them at all,
Let me introduce you to my Not So Original Burp Cloths.

Also know as the Best Burp Cloths over at Made By Rae.
(I'm sure most of you already follow her cuz' she's awesome!)

Essentially the "brilliant" part of my idea was to use thrifted T-shirts to make burp cloths.
Soft. Absorbent. Perfect.
So I grabbed the flannel and terry cloth that I had leftover from the boppy covers,
and the changing pad covers. Then pretty much did exactly what Rae describes in her tutorial.
(Try using a walking foot if you are scared of sewing knits.)

The only thing I added was to stitch a smaller rectangle in the center to keep the two layers
from getting wonky after continuous trips through the laundry.

Cuz' you can all see that super pale rectangle of stitches in the middle right?
Now I'm sure some of you are making an odd face and wondering why this seemed so smart, but just trust me. At the time it was about the most genius thing that I had ever thought of! I mean aren't you a tiny bit tired of seeing people add ribbon and ric rac to pre-made gerber burp rags? Don't get me wrong, those are really adorable!
I just kinda felt like I was being original for a change. 

Oh well, Nothing new under the sun I guess.
Maybe next time!

What have been some of your almost original ideas?
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Boppy Covers

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Almost every Mom (nursing or not) ends up getting a Boppy along with their new baby. Whether you receive it as a gift, purchase it yourself, or even make one of your own; somehow over the past decade they have become an essential part of raising a infant. When Reli was born, we started using ours from day one, and I don't have to tell any of you Moms how much of a lifesaver this little pillow can be at times!

Unfortunately the cheapskate thrifty Momma in me has a bit of a problem spending $20+ on a pillowcase. I mean come on, it is less than half a yard of fabric. I could get that 1/2 yard, and the zipper for less than $5 at Joann's. (Without even using a coupon!) So any sewer can see that this is obviously one of those times when making it yourself truly is worth while. And that's exactly what I did. Twice.

 I didn't make a tutorial for these, but I highly suggest checking out this one from Grosgrain, and also this one at A Load of Craft, before deciding to just "wing it" like I did.  For some reason I was having a kind of sewing brain damage the day that I worked on these and ended up having to re-do the zippers 3 and 4 times!

If you have any intention of making yourself a cover out of flannel . . . 

Flannel stretches out easily,
zippers stretch out too, 
and it's on a curve!

I don't know why none of these factors registered with my brain until long after the damage had been done, but hopefully I can save some of you a little frustration by pointing these facts out now. Other than that completely dense moment on my part, they are actually pretty easy to stitch together. 

I even added a few simple appliques made from t-shirt scraps to keep them interesting.
You may recognize the little fish from the Free Motion Presser Foot Video I made a while back.

Now I'm just wondering if I'll be able to "borrow" my pillow back from
all Reli's dolls when the time comes for the actual baby to use it!

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