Well hello… I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I have tons of things to share with you guys (including like 5 tutorials!), but evidently I have reached the maximum amount of storage on Picasa (which I wasn’t even aware I was using) and Google is saying that I need to start paying for storage. What?! Sorry. Love you guys, but that just isn’t going to happen. 

So I’m going back through making sure that ALL 2 YEARS WORTH of my pictures are re-sized to meet the free storage requirements. Seriously. I’d rather shoot myself in the foot. 

If that doesn’t work I’ll have to find a new way to set this all up through Flicker or Photobucket or something like that. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Ant will be able to give me some tech advice this weekend that will help me find the easiest way to keep this little blog running. 

Hopefully I’m back by Monday, but if I’m not up and running by then at least you know that I didn’t disappear again. I’m just too busy being computer illiterate!

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3 thoughts on “Confusion…

  1. I had that same problem recently. Pretty sure that resizing the images won't help, or so I've been told. My solution was to go back and delete all he unnessecary images I had uploaded in the past on blogger, and that cleared up about 40% of my space. Now I resize all my images, and I have also heard if you sign up for google+ you get free storage, but not sure how that works…but maybe you want to check that out! Good luck!

  2. This is the third time I've heard this….this week!!

    I've had to start using Flickr for mine, its weird how so many bloggers are having this issue this week. I've got google+ but haven't found extra space, I'll have to look into that!

  3. I got the same message on Monday, but my Husband (Computer Guru) told me there is a possibilty to store your pictures nevertheless on picasa but it doesn't count for your strorage space.

    You need to have a google+ account, go to photos, and upload the photos there to your account. From there you can upload them to blogger.

    Works for me, and I am using 298% of my storage space *lol*

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