Well, 4 months have passed since Corbin was born, and lately I’ve been feeling every. single. day. of that time. We had 2 blessed weeks of full nights sleep. Unfortunately, I must have mentioned it to you guys, and jinxed the crap out of that one. Over the past month I have not gotten more than 5 consecutive hours of sleep, and man am I hurtin’! (Do normal people tear up watching the Olympics? or should I just blame the exhaustion?)
Well, on the up side…Corbin has started teething,
and Reli has decide she doesn’t need to nap anymore.
Oh Wait. That’s not exactly an “up side” is it?
I am SO screwed.

We got the green light from the Dr. to start solid foods though, so if that makes 
this chunky man happy enough to sleep a little more at night then I’m all for it! 
And before someone comments about how breast milk is the only food babies need until 
they are 6 months old, blah-dee blah blah… I respectfully ask that you Shut It.
At 18lbs and 27 inches this 4 month old is larger than babies twice his age!
Corbin reacted to food like a man who just found water in the desert! 
He actually enjoys it, and is only getting a small amount each day.
It’s not like I’m going to stop nursing him just to stuff him full of rice cereal. 

I will probably hop him up on as much orajel as possible though. ; D A Mom’s gotta get SOME sleep right?
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5 thoughts on “4 Months

  1. Hey there..hang in there mama we are in the same boat. paisley is 3.5 months now, and is sleeping less and less at night..wanting to eat every 2 hours around the clock, very little sleep here as well. So while I'm sure this doesn't make you feel better, you are not alone!!! We are starting solids already, too..must be a big baby thing. P is only about 15lbs but man can she eat! My Lilah was the same way and there was no way to wait until six months..don't feel bad or feel like you need to explain yourself there! Try to somehow get some rest, and know that I feel your exhaustion pain, lol..

  2. I have been creeping around your blog for a few months now, I totally forget how I found it but I enjoy the way you write.
    "I respectfully ask that you Shut It." I love it!!!! I am expecting my first next month and I can already hear the …."don't you think you should this" or "this or that is better than that" Suggestions that everyone is going to give. I am so going to steal this line and use it, hope you don't mind! Your little man is gorgeous!

  3. Oh gosh. This sounds rough–I'm sorry. I hope the little (big?) man decides to start sleeping a little more for you! I remember well the new mom exhaustion . . . I can only imagine how tough it is when you also have another kiddo racing around! (And, like probably everyone who will read this post, I was cracking up over the 'respectfully ask that you shut it' line–hahaha! I think that one of the hardest parts of being a mom is having to deal with other moms, especially the kind who think that THEY know what's best for YOUR family. You just do what you feel is right for you guys!)

  4. Oh Tony,

    You really sound exhausted…. So sorry to read it.

    You know, it is really different with second children. Because you already have a life going on.

    When my son was 4 months old, we went on vacation, and for one week, either my husband or I were staying outside the restaurant with him because he angrily screamed like hell inside it – he wanted solids!

    After one week, I gave in. That wasn't really a vacation. So he got some bread to munch on, some watermelon to suck, and he was the luckiest and calmest kid on earth.
    Back home, we really started with solids (in Germany, we start with lunch, which is our dinner, so that means veggies, potatos and meat) – and he ate like hell.
    By the age of 6 months, he ate everything is big sister had for lunch two – not mashed, but chunky! Bites! And that besides the fact that he had is first tooth 2 months later (at 8 months).

    He is 11 years know, sporty, healthy, everything is fine. He was just ready for solids, and he knew it.

    I wish you some good nights sleep,
    always remember: it is just a phase, it is just a phase, he will outgrow it soon


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