Mother’s Day – take one

Good Morning!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend. 
I’m not gonna lie. My day could have been WAY better.
Corbin decided to wake me up at 2 am so I could start enjoying my day early, and then would not go back to sleep! What the Fudge? He’s been sleeping through the night for almost 2 weeks now! He must be going through another growth spurt, because my normally laid back lil man was fussy all day, and would  Not. Stop. Eating!
No breakfast in bed around here. 
By 6 am I gave up on getting any sleep and was already up cutting out patterns.
Reli decided that she was taking the day off from potty training. 
(Why is Daddy always missing when the carpet needs cleaned? ; D)
And Ant has a raging ear infection that pretty much made him miserable the entire weekend.
No lie his ear is so swelled up it’s sticking out making him look like an elf! (Sorry honey)
We couldn’t even manage to pull ourselves together for a simple dinner out. 
So I’m just taking a rain check this time around and crossing my fingers that my birthday jinx 
isn’t spreading to other special days now too.  At least I managed to get a bit of sewing finished!
A Mother’s work is never done…
Any other Moms out there taking a rain check?
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7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – take one

  1. I took a raincheck, too! My Mother's Day started off with a phone call from my daughter. "Mom, Happy Mother's Day.(in a very pathetic voice) I think you need to come and take me to the emergency room. I am in awful pain." What followed was an entire day spent in the emergency room with my lovely daughter at a pain level of ten. Diagnosis-ovarian cyst burst. So glad it wasn't appendicitis or a myriad of other things. Took her home hepped up on morphine and stayed till the evening to make sure she was okay and roomie came home. Does dinner at the MacDonalds drive thru count? LOL Monday wasn't any better….hubbie to the doctors for shingles and emergency visit to eye doctor because it involved his eye. Home after trip to the pharmacy for $250 worth of meds.
    Today, I am not getting out of my PJ's!!!

  2. I'm sorry you didn't have a good day. Join the bitter Mom club with me because mine wasn't exceptional either :/ Long story…

    But you do have a some cuties who love you! 🙂

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