A few of you have asked when you are going to get to see a picture of me and my ever expanding belly,
 and since we are such good friends, I’ll appease you. But I’m also adding a disclaimer…
I am an EXTREMELY un-photogenic person!
I’m not kidding, fishing for compliments, or trying to be modest.
It is genetic. I get it from my Gramma. Honest. 
Neither of us can have our picture taken without making some kind of funny face! (I’m usually talking)
So I just wanted you all to know that for every one of these…
There are also at least 4 dozen of these…
Hopefully that (and the fact that I’m the one wielding the camera) will help explain why you don’t see many pictures of me floating around this blog. It is practically guaranteed that I will never be jumping on the 
“What I Wore Wednesday” bandwagon for the same reason. 
(Not to mention that every week would only showcase different pajamas ; )
So, now that I’ve shared my embarrassing belly pictures with you, please understand if I don’t make it a common practice in my final weeks. I’ll make sure to post at least 1 more when I’m at the very end, but other than that I’ll be more than happy to let the cute little kidlets take center stage from now on!
Oh, and just so you know, I have a whole pile of projects that are complete, but just need to be photographed and written about. Tutorials are practically coming out my ears right now! So please be patient with me while I enjoy these last little bursts of energy. Seriously, this is my dining table right now…
Well, back to the craziness!
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6 thoughts on “the BUMP

  1. You made me laugh out loud with your comment about What I Wore Wednesday…I'm in the same boat! And at this point, the pajamas look worse than ever because I'm 36 weeks now! For what it's worth, you are adorable and I love your baby bump! Can't wait to see what fun projects you have planned for your little guy, too! 🙂

  2. Wow, your hair is alot longer than your blog pic. I too think you look beautiful with your little bump. I look forward to the one at nine months and the baby pics too for that matter. You seem to have alot planned for that little one too.

    1. Thanks, You're too sweet Carol. I was thinking of you when I posted this. Still not a chance on seeing those stretch marks though! My blog pic is from over 2yrs ago, so that shows how it's been since I took a "good" picture ;D

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