A Dozen Goals for 2012

12 Life Goals for 2012
1. Try not to stress so much.
Something most of you can probably relate to, I tend to worry way too much about the little things! Who really cares if the laundry didn’t get done on it’s appointed day, the floors didn’t get vacuumed this week, or if we took too long at the library. I am not Wonder Woman and my family doesn’t really expect me to be! 
2. Do more things for myself.
I’m sure if you are a Momma that you can get on board with this one too! The last time I had my nails done was before Reli was even born, and I may have had my eyebrows waxed about twice since then too. And even though I make sure that everyone else in the house is properly fed and clothed, I know that my sneakers have a hole in them. Why? What is it that makes me any less important than the rest of the family? Nothing darn it, and it’s time that I start acting like I deserve something nice/fun! (special note: This has nothing to do with my husband who is constantly trying to get me to treat myself better, but is mostly all in my head. I have a very serious “I don’t need that. There are more important things.” reaction whenever it comes to getting something for myself.)
3. Eat healthier. (as a family) 
I am a very picky eater to begin with and am trying to expand my diet a little each year. I also know that Ant was doing a great job losing weight until a little while ago and I’d like to help him in any way I can.
This may mean trying out a little bento lunch packing action around here. How cute!
4. Lose the baby weight.
This one is pretty self explanatory. After Reli was born I only had about 5ish extra pounds that I couldn’t shake, and I don’t really want to add to it this time around. I may never get my belly button back, but I can at least shoot for my pre-baby weight!
5.Get dressed most days. (including make-up & jewelry)
I am terrible at this! I love to be comfortable and tend to live in my jammies most of the time. Even if I get dressed to go to the store, I change back into my pj’s as soon as we’re back home.
6. Put together a “proper” wardrobe.
This should help me do better with #5. Before I had Reli I worked at the GAP and my closet contained nothing but jeans and t-shirts. In the past 2+ years since then, nothing has changed. I may have added a handful of long sleeve shirts, and a few pairs of jeans, but I haven’t bought anything else. Maybe that’s why I wear pj’s so much, because I know for sure that my hips aren’t the same shape they were back then ; )
7. Get Mini Miss potty trained.
Let’s just say she’s potty trained as long as she is naked. I guess we’re half way there!
8. Go on more outings with the kids.
I was working on this last year as well, and we did get a little better. I’m just concerned that with the addition of another baby we won’t be going to as many places. Hopefully I’ll get the juggling act down in time for summer though since we have the water park, zoo, and aquarium so close by.
9. Decorate the house. (especially Reli’s room)
Reli’s room is currently about half way finished, but no other room in this apartment has so much as a picture hung up. I’m getting really tired of blank white walls, and since Ant recently told me that he doesn’t want to paint, we better at least start thrifting frames and making pillows!
10. Go on a family vacation.
We did take a “working weekend” trip down to Virginia Beach last summer, but it wasn’t awesome. I want to do something a bit more fun this year, even if the baby will only be a few months old.
11. Go on more dates with Ant.
I’m going to finally have to locate a babysitter, but this needs to be done. Ant and I tend to hang out only with ourselves, but with Reli in the mix we don’t even do that very much anymore. Since we are adding another munchkin, this is something that we are going to have to be more active about.
12. Let Ant have a Christmas tree and get into the holiday spirit.
Ant and I have been married for 3 years, and dated longer than that and we have never had a Christmas tree. Every year he asks for one and every year I find a reason to convince him we don’t need it. (we have too many cats, a toddler, we travel for the holidays, etc.) This year we will be staying in our own home and getting our very first tree for Christmas. No matter what!

I’m such a list maker, so hopefully writing these down here will help me to really accomplish them.

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