Snapshot Sunday - Library

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The super high heat around here has definitely put a damper on the walks to the library that I had planned for this summer. It is about a 20 min. brisk walk from our place to the library, and the return trip (when I'm piled high with books!) is mostly an uphill climb. So to make up for Mommy's slacking, we went to story time this weekend.

Ant went with Reli to the reading room while I scampered off to look through the craft books. When I returned, Ant told me "She was the worst behaved kid in the room, and we had to leave!" Well, it happens that way sometimes, and it was just before lunchtime anyway. So instead of listening to a story with the other kids we...

 played with the beads...

some legos...

a puzzle...

and eventually found a book. (Imagine that!)

This was my haul for the day. SWEET!
Hope you're having a great weekend!
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Summer Time Fun Dress

Friday, July 29, 2011

It seems like all of a sudden every pair of Reli's shorts is too small. I'm not sure if they shrank in the dryer, or if her butt just grew, but they definitely aren't going to last the remainder of the summer like I had hoped. So what do you do when your kid has no pants? Make some new shorts? Of course not. You make dresses! (Yeah, I confuse myself sometimes too.)

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the color yellow, so finding this fabric in my stash was a bit surprising. Then I found a quarter yard of pink check tucked inside it and realized that I must have planned to make a baby dress out of the set. No time like the present right!

I used the Summer Time Fun Dress tutorial from Sweet Emmelie, and only changed the straps to a halter because Reli likes to untie the shoulder bows. I probably could have finished the whole dress in about 20 min. if I didn't have to run to the store for more elastic. (I swear, Every project I'm missing something!)

In the pic below you can see that it is pretty much just a casing for a large piece of elastic around the chest.
Can you say EASY! 

And I couldn't help but share this last sequence. I try not to bribe her with sweets when I'm taking her pictures, but we were in the lounge and they had free cookies. Do whatever works right!

Thanks for Visiting!
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Snapshot Sunday (Wednesday edition) - Virginia Beach

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last week, I explained how Ant had to do some work in Virginia Beach, so we were making a beach trip out of it. Of course everything went just as I imagined it would. I was the only one to get sunburned, and the sand wasn't any more fun than the last time I saw it. :)   (Double check when you have someone put sunblock on your back. I now know to let the baby do it rather than my hubby!) 

We did catch a few breaks though: we didn't forget anything, no one got stung by a jellyfish, I got 2 boxes of taffy all for myself, and Reli slept most of the car ride down and back! no tantrums. (score!)

Freaking out when her skirt first got wet!

"No Daddy, we need to go this way!"
I don't wanna leave!
We left after lunch on Sunday and arrived at the hotel just in time for dinner. After eating we drove down to the beach and walked up the shore and back down the shops. It was hot, but a thunderstorm was rolling in and it started dripping as we were leaving.

The next morning, we dropped Ant off to work, while Reli and I headed for the sand. After a bit of splashing, seashells, and sand, the fighter jets began flying over the beach. They must have been flying drills or something, because groups of 1-4 planes flew over every 8-10 minutes.

Commence hysterical screaming, leg grasping, and "Mommy, I ske-wrd! I ske-wrd! Ouchie ewrs!" 
(translation - I'm scared, It's loud and hurts my ears!)
This is also why I have no pictures from the second day. She never even put the flip flops on! :(

So, this went on for at least an hour before Ant joined us and took Reli out for one more "swim". After that, we packed up, rinsed off, and got back in the car headed for home. Not the longest of beach trips, but enough for me. In the car Ant said "I was only at the actual beach for 20 min and that was enough for me." Those are my feelings exactly! Some people just aren't "beach" people and I'm not ashamed of it either. Next year I think we'll stick with amusement parks and swimming pools and be much happier for it!

I'm not the only beach hater am I?
What is your WORST vacation story? 
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P.S. Ant wanted me to assure you that he does own something other than a green t-shirt.
(I think he has a blue one. lol)

Sewing the Keyhole Dress

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We just returned from the beach last night, and I'm still trying to get the house straightened out and sand free. (This could take days!) I know quite a few people have been on vacation lately as well, so just in case you missed it. Here is the sewing part of the Keyhole Dress that was featured over at Me Sew Crazy last week.


I'm here to share my Keyhole Dress with you today. Over the past 2 weeks I've been posting video tutorials for many of the techniques I used to make this dress. An explanation, for any of the instructions highlighted in green can be found in the Tutorial section of my blog along with instructions for making the pattern. So lets get started!

What you will need:

Pattern pieces drafted using this tutorial, or print a size 2T bodice pattern here.
(2 front bodice, 4 back bodice,1 front skirt, 2 back skirt)
(You can find a size 2T bodice printable here.)
thread (I did my top-stitching in contrasting so I have 2 colors)
piping (exactly 1 package or 2½ yards for size 2T)
buttons (5-6 depending on size)

*All my seam allowances are 3/8 of an inch. If the SA is the same on the pattern and piping it makes attaching the piping A LOT easier *

 1. With right sides together sew 2 back bodice pieces to 1 front bodice piece, only at the shoulder seams. (2x)

 2. Attach piping around the keyhole halves, neckline, and armholes.  

When sewing around the armholes, leave the first and last inch of piping unattached 
and keep a decent bit of overhang.

4. Stitch the bodice lining on top of the bodice front. (Sandwiching the piping in between the 2 layers.)
Everything should be sewn except the 3 bottom edges, and the side seams at the top and bottom
of each armhole where the piping is still not attached.

5. Clip the curves and corners, and turn the bodice right side out. 
(reach up between the layers of the front bodice and pull the back pieces down and through.)

Make sure the corners are all turned out sharp. (Use a chopstick or pencil in the hard to reach parts)

6. Put the side seams right sides together and stitch. 
(The 2 lining sides together and the 2 front bodice sides together.)

You'll be left with something like this. 
(bodice layer sewn at the side seam, piping, lining layer sewn at the side seam.)

7. Finish off the ends of the piping and then sew the 3 layers together.

The bodice should be finished everywhere except the bottom edge where the skirt will attach.

8. Top-stitch around the neckline, armholes, and the keyhole halves.
9. Attach piping along the bottom edge of the bodice.
(Only the "outside" not the lining. Cut the ends a little long, and tuck them up between the 2 layers. )

10. Lay out the 3 skirt pieces (back - front - back). Sew the 2 side seams. 
Remember to start with the wrong sides together if you are using french seams.
(The picture below shows the french seam and placket from the outside and then the 
french seam and the placket from the inside.)

11. Fold under the last 2 vertical raw edges (either far end), and stitch down to form the button/
buttonhole plackets. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that step, so I hope this makes sense.
(If you lay the skirt out flat at this point you should have: folded under placket, skirt back, 
french seam, skirt front, french seam, skirt back, folded under placket.) 

12. Baste the top edge of the skirt and gather it to the size of the bodice.
(Do NOT gather the placket area. That needs to stay flat for the buttons/buttonholes.)
13. Stitch the gathered edge to the bottom edge of the bodice front.

14. Fold under the bottom edge of the bodice lining and sink stitch it in place. (stitch in a ditch)

15. Top-stitch above the sink stitch and piping.

16. Make the buttonholes
(Two on the bodice, and as many as needed on the skirt. I kept mine 1½ inches apart.)
17. Attach the buttons. 

18. Hem. This is by personal preference, but I used a twin needle to achieve a clean top-stitched look.

Ta Da! Now pop it on your child and send them out to play!

I hope you all enjoy the dress. Please let me know if you have any questions, 
and don't forget to add a picture to my flicker group if you make one!
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Sunhats and Fun Flowers

Friday, July 22, 2011

As I was packing things up getting ready for the beach, I realized that the summer is half over, and my child doesn't own a sunhat. (BAD Mommy!) In my defense, we never go outside during the hottest part of the day (that's nap-time) and she does wear sunblock. Plus if we are out playing chalk and rocks, she is on the patio in the shade anyway. (Yeah excuses. I just forgot.)

But, even I know that a hat is essential if you are gonna be at the beach all day, so I busted out the fabrics and got to work. I used this pattern from Running with Scissors. Thank goodness I cut out the large size, because it just barely fits, (must have a fat head to go with those fat feet :) but it should at least make it through this weekend.

Then, since I made it out of such plain fabric, it just needed something. You know when you just stare at a project for hours trying to figure out what it needs. Well Ant suggested adding a flower, but I'm kinda over all the rosettes I've seen lately and wanted to do something "different". I goggled flower tutorials, and waded through the thousands of different flowers until I found this tutorial. (It was a very "Where have you been all my life?" moment.) I'm not sure how well known these are, but they just felt perfect! (The post is from 2008! I'm always the last to know.)

Button Flowers!!
I quickly dumped out all the buttons and started picking out the ones that matched Reli's swimmy suit. 
(Very bad Idea when there is a toddler in the room. She wasn't trying to eat them, just "help" Mommy. lol)
I added some fabric covered buttons using leftovers from the flip flops, and Ta Da! I can't wait to make more!

I even made a pair for the flip flops!

Now I'm actually starting to get excited about going to the beach! 
At least we'll come home with a few cute pictures. (And a whole load of taffy ; )

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Weekend. I'll be back on Tuesday with plenty of pictures!
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