Good-bye to November

It has been more than a week since my last post, and Thanksgiving has come and gone without any mention. (What’s up with that?) I had plans for posts about the turkey, and stuffing, my dad and brother visiting, and everything else that comes with the holiday, but the truth is that by the time I got the dinner on the table last Thursday, I was so sick that I had to pass out after the meal. (and not from eating too much either!)

Reli’s idea of “helping in the kitchen!
Now that I am better, I’m gonna try out one of those high/low posts to catch everyone up to speed, cuz Oh Boy do I have a pretty bad low. I might as well start with the lows too so I’m not all grumpy by the time I finish typing this. 🙁

– Remember how 3 weeks ago today I was so excited about having a new car? That is now over.
Monday morning the old white car (the one Ant has been driving) kicked it. Something has gone wrong with the engine so that it can’t go faster than 35 mph.
– The dealer wants upwards of $2500 to fix it, but I originally purchased the car for $3000. The chance that the poor girl is gonna get fixed is looking slimmer everyday, but Ant wants to “shop mechanics” to make sure.
– The white car also just got new tires last month. (Kick me while I’m down right?)
– Turns out that “cold” that I was pushing through in the days leading up to Thanksgiving was actually more like the sinus infection that Reli is taking medicine for. That meant 3 days of sleep and not much else for me.
– It’s raining again this week.
– I’m WAY behind on blogging, making projects, and now also getting ready for Christmas.
(Stupid car, could have at least given me another week or 2!)

Meet Agnes, our 26lb turkey!
I know, huge right? But we carve off one breast whole and freeze it for later.
The dark “boob” patches are actually the green herbs I stuff under the skin.

– Thanksgiving turned out great even though I was sick. The turkey and rest of the food were delicious, and everything was ready right on time.
– Even though my little brother had to leave right after dinner, (He had to work fri.) my dad was able to stay with us through Friday evening and had a 3 day visit with Reli. We only live about 2 hrs. away, but don’t get to see each other near as much as we’d like.
– Dad wanted a GPS so I braved the black friday sales with him and there were no crowds! I never go out on black friday, but Dad doesn’t even have e-mail, so wanting any “modern gadget” is a big deal for us. We left at 5am, visited 5 stores, and were home by 7am with everything that we had gone out looking for (except maternity jeans, but I got those half price the next day. Score!)
– Reli got a plastic slide as an early Christmas present from Dad, and it keeps her busy for hours!
– She has also been sleeping past 8 in the morning so I can get a little something done before she wakes up. (so much better than the normal 6:30-7:00ish)
– The baby exhaustion seems to have passed, and I no longer need naps everyday!
– And for some inexplicable reason, after weeks for being scared to death, Reli has used the potty for the past 3 days! Not one accident when she is running around “naked”, and she will even stop playing and go to the potty without being asked if she needs to. I know I’m jinxing myself here, and I’m knocking on any wood I can find, but having her out of diapers before the baby comes would be nothing short of a blessing!

Things could be much worse, and I still have my fingers crossed that the car will be able to be fixed for a reasonable amount so that I don’t have to start the car search all over again, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. At least everyone is finally healthy. (for the moment!)

In the mean time, I spent most of yesterday making list, charts, and calendars to organize all my shopping, projects, books, and post ideas, so the blog should be getting a bit more regular. If everything goes as planned, December will be packed with Christmas gift ideas, and have a whole week devoted to nothing but cookies! Definitely much better that what has been going on around here, but a HUGE Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me through the “dry spell”. I really appreciate it!

Here’s looking forward to a happy, healthy, and productive December!

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2 thoughts on “Good-bye to November

  1. Oh you poor thing! It sounds like you had a rough week! I haven't posted anything since before Thanksgiving as well. 🙂 Sometimes life just comes first!! xoxo

  2. I'm so sad to hear about your car. Love that your little one is sleeping in! Doesn't it make all the difference when you can get a couple things done before she wakes up? Even if it's just a cup of coffee, I'm always in a better mood if I can start my day before Lyla. I can't wait to see what projects you have to share this month!

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