Congratulations! It’s a . . .


I know, one post a week is really very slacker of me, but I figured I’d make it 
up to you all with these pictures. (Who doesn’t LOVE ultrasound pics?)
We ended up being at the doctors for almost 2 hours yesterday because this little 
bit wouldn’t sit still long enough for the important pictures to be taken.
But in the end, we know what IT is… Any Ideas?
I was watching the screen, and before the tech said anything I thought to myself
“Good Golly, A blind man could figure that one out!”
Yeah, not a doubt in anyone’s mind that the little sea monkey is a BOY!
(you know, for those of you who are hopeless with fuzzy pictures. lol)

To be completely honest, I’m not sure what I think about having a boy. (bad mommy!)
I know I’ll love him to pieces when I see him and all that, but Gosh Darn It! I just don’t think baby boy stuff is very “cute”. I’m sure that sounds really dumb, and I’ll blame it on hormones if you ask, but it must be from growing up with so many girl cousins. My brother is the only grandson and all he brings to my mind is a ball of annoying, trucks, fish, and dirt. (Ah, Sisterly Love…) 
We already watch the movie Cars a dozen times a week, so maybe it will be easier than I think to adapt to the monsters, super heros, trucks, sharks, and dinosaurs. I guess I could always just make something adorable. 
Face palm…That is kinda what I do, (It’s been so long I almost forgot! Duh)
fingers in the mouth
Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back next week for a little celebrating!
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5 thoughts on “Congratulations! It’s a . . .

  1. Congratulations!! I'm sure you'll "figure out" a boy. I think little boy clothes are so cute. When I was pregnant with Lyla I thought for sure I was having a boy because I loved the boy clothes, but the girl's clothes just annoyed me. How are you feeling?

  2. Hooray! Congratulations! I felt the same way with my son . . . even though I have 3 brothers (and secretly was hoping for a baby boy first!), I was kind of thinking, "Shoot . . . what do I do with a boy?" But he is SO much fun. And I'm sure with my enormous sample research pool of like 5 children (my son compared to the 3 or 4 neighbor/cousin girls who live nearby that he plays with), these results are 100% reliable: I think boys are a little bit easier to deal with/teach. Maybe that's just what any proud mother of a boy thinks, but there you have it. And the boy stuff starts looking cuter once you have an adorable chubby mister to put it on 😉 Plus, there is zero pressure with a boy, style-wise. If you're in a rush, you just go out the door and no one expects a cutesy outfit with little bows and flowers and tights and legwarmers. Easy! 😉 Congrats!!!

  3. Congratulations! And I totally feel you on the boy stuff. My first was a boy and I hardly made him ANYTHING. But as soon as I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I was bombarded with super cute girly ideas. I even had her room decorated before she was born – while my sons room remains white!

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