New Sewing Area!!

I mentioned over the weekend that Ant had last Friday off work so that his office could move to a new building. What I didn’t tell you, is that they were giving most of the furniture away to the employees!!!

Since we graduated college (in *cough* 2006) we have been using a plastic top folding table as our computer “desk”. It has been that way through 5 moves, yes 5! Each time we say we will finally get a real desk, and each time there is something more important to buy. So when Ant told me that we could FINALLY get a desk, I did a happy dance was thrilled. Maybe I could use the folding table for my sewing machines now!

I was told to expect a corner desk with a small leaf on one side. Just a simple top with legs. Nothing fancy, but that would be plenty of room for all the junk that usually accumulates around the computer, so I was happy. (Of course it was originally from Ikea like all our other furniture. Go figure.)

So, Saturday morning, Ant went in to the office and crammed the new desk into our little Ford Focus. This is what he brings home for me. (You wouldn’t believe the things we have been able to fit in that tiny car!)

He didn’t get the dining table. I’m just noting what it is.
Good thing we rarely use it though, because this doesn’t look like a dining room anymore!
I have room to sew!!!!!

My sewing machine, serger, mini ironing board, books, basket of fabric, the computer/printer, and even my self healing mat will fit and still have room to spare! Plus the dining room table can finally be cleared off, but is still close enough in case I need more cutting space for a project. If you are an avid sewer and have never had your “own space” you know how BIG this is for me!

There is room for Reli to sit next to me and draw while I check my e-mail, and enough leg room underneath to store some of my bins. Ant even found 2 giant rolls of plotter (a super big printer) paper for me to use for pattern making. The only thing that could have been better, was if he just built me my own room! (but that will come in a few years. lol)

Oh, and what do you think of my pegboard? It’s still a work in progress, but I am in love with the green mailbox that holds all my piping and bias tape packages! The newspaper hooks are also the perfect size for a roll of freezer paper. I wish I could say I was clever enough to come up with this, but I borrowed the idea from Better Homes & Gardens.

Well, I’m off to put my new space to good use. I have a “series” type project in the works that I really hope I’ll be ready to share by Monday. In the mean time, HAPPY 4th of JULY (weekend)! I hope everyone has a wonderful (and safe) time celebrating.

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(Yes, I am aware that I used 22 exclamation points in this post. Forgive me, I’m excited! 23)

One thought on “New Sewing Area!!

  1. This is Awesome. Happy you have your own space. Yes, I know how important a room or just an extra table can be for sewing! And I am pinteresting many of your tutorials. I love trying new stuff. I am relatively new to the craft.

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