Tester's Tour: LOL Swing Top by Jennuine Design

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hey there! If you've been following along on Facebook, you may have already heard that our house is under quarantine due to a weird combination of outbreaks. (hand, foot, & mouth disease for the kids & an extra fabulous sinus infection for me. Ant has yet to join in the fun, but I see a man cold looming on the horizon. How did we get to be so lucky?) But there have also been much more enjoyable adventures going on behind the scenes as well. Namely this...

Sure the berry picking was interesting, mainly due to the number of bees in attendance, and subsequent panic attacks by my children, but the real story here is the fun little shirt. I've been busy testing the newest Jennuine Design (affiliate link) pattern for the past few weeks and it's being released today. Yay! The LOL Swing Top is an adorable racer-back top for sizes newborn thorough 12 with a great half circle back that's perfect for well...swinging. And I get to make it even more awesome by sharing a discount with you! Between now and August 7th, use the code LOLRelease at checkout to get an extra 20% off! How cool is that?

The super fun part is that it can be made from knit or woven fabric, or even a mix of the two, so the possibilities really are endless. I was chosen to work on the woven version for the 4T size, and after my first two, had big plans to make a knit version as well. Until we found out we were all dying from the plague that is. I've already selected the fabrics for my next one, but thought it best to avoid "hazardous machinery" in my exhausted/semi-drugged state. Not the best sewing conditions, but I can't wait to share my knit version with you soon!

Oh, and in case you're wondering about the rather "loud" fabric choices going on here, that look quite a bit different than my usually style - Aurelia chose them, and that girl's definitely not afraid of colors! I tried to steer her towards something more subdued, especially since I was saving the paisley print for a jacket lining (you know, something hidden.), but she was adamant. This is what she wanted, and who the heck am I to quash her self expression? Purple Pink Paisleys it is!

Cutie Bonus! Ant decided he wanted to be in charge of the camera for this trip, so you can thank him for the shots of this little goober. Corbin didn't seem to grasp the concept of putting the berries into a basket instead of straight into his mouth, even after I pointed out numerous signs directing us not to eat the fruit before paying. How do you explain that to a two year old? I'm definitely not going to fight with him when he's eating something healthy for a change. Are they nuts!? No thank you. Here's an extra dollar instead.

Oh look, a Toni in the wild! You know that's the only reason Ant wanted to use the camera right? And of course out of the 30+ covert pictures he tried to take of me, this was the only one where I didn't look like a complete moron. Seriously, I've gotta take a class or something, because I always seem to be making the weirdest faces. Maybe I talk too much, but this time I can blame the photographer since he's fully aware of my Ridiculously Un-photogentic Syndrome. It's genetic.

* affiliate link
Lets get back to the real cuteness shall we? 
The LOL Swing Top- newborn to 12 sizes - knit and woven options - 20% off with LOLRelease code

Ready go!

And don't forget to check out the other adorable tops made by some of the other testers. These ladies worked really hard to make this pattern perfect, and there are some truly precious baby pics and awesome fabric combinations. I'm sure you'll love it!

Happy sewing!

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Indie Love: Fishsticks Tank & Sunny Shorts (and my sewing failures)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fishsticks Designs Tank Top and Oliver & S - Sunny Days shorts

I hope you guys know I like to be as honest as possible with you about my real life. I'd really hate it if anyone ever accused me of "perfect blogger" syndrome, and lets face it: There is absolutely nothing about my ridiculously fashionable wardrobe, spotlessly clean and impeccably decorated house, or angelic children that you could ever possibly envy. So that pretty much only leaves my sewing skills. (Unless of course you covet my quirky randomness or sarcastic banter. Both of which require many years of practice. ;-)

Today I'm here to set the record straight and let the world know - Some days I couldn't sew a simple seam if my life depended on it. Don't look so incredulous. It's true! I attach sleeves inside out, cut pieces on the wrong grain line, mess up buttonholes, mis-measure, accidently poke holes in my fabric, and sew pieces together backwards more than you can probably imagine. Every sewer has days when they use their seam ripped more than their sewing machine, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a big fat fibber. Oh, and don't think I mean this kinda stuff happens to me only every once in awhile. I am a very easily distracted person, and have been known to sew a sleeve in backwards TWICE before I give up and have to leave the room. I give you exhibit A...

Pattern Review: Basic Oxford Button-up from PeekaBoo Patterns

This is a perfectly wonderful pattern. designed by a lady (Amy from PeekaBoo Patterns) who definitely knows how to explain even the most complicated directions with ease. But in my hands, it can be turned into a absolute disaster! I managed to cut pieces backwards, sew the sleeves on inside-out (multiple times!), and was able to somehow manipulate the pieces in a way that would make one half of a seam almost two inches shorter than its mate. How? You've seen me sew plenty of other things, and I don't mean to toot my own horn, but toot darn it! I have a bit of skill with all this sewing stuff. 

But oh no, This shirt pretty much just flipped me off and kept on walkin'.
"Not today lady. It ain't gonna happen!"

Basic Oxford Button-up from PeekaBoo Patterns

After trying the main portion on Corbin, I realized that a 2T probably wasn't my best choice anyway (too tight in the armpits), and decided to scrap the shirt altogether. This pattern is far too cute to put off for long though, and I'll definitely be giving the long sleeve version a go once the weather starts to cool down. (Or once my brain starts functioning properly again.) It'll be perfect for holiday pictures! Hopefully.

Pattern Review: Tank top by Fishstick Designs

Luckily not all my projects take such a turn for the worst. This tank top from Fishstick Designs
and these Sunny Days Shorts from Oliver and S both sewed up quickly and easily. Thank goodness! 

Pattern Review: Oliver & S - Sunny Days Shorts

Fishsticks' Tank Top sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts

Well there you have it. Now everyone knows I'm not really the legendary seamstress they imagined. 
Shucks. Still only a bunch of us average joe's kickin' it around here these days I guess.

Now it's your turn. What's your latest sewing/crafting fail? 

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Indie Love: Lulu Dress

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lulu Dress  designed by Craftiness is Not Optional sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts

 Dresses, dresses, and more dresses! I wasn't kidding last week when I said that's all I've wanted to sew lately. I'm definitely an instant gratification kinda girl, and what could be more gratifying than whipping up an entire outfit in only an hour or so? Sure, shorts and tees are quick too, but there's a lot more cutting involved, and I'm not exactly a fan of cutting. Does anyone else have unpleseant daydreams about loosing a finger to a rotary cutter or is it just me? I think cutting the bajillion strips to make pony hair has given me a healthy fear that it's only a matter of time before I slip and end up with stitches.

The Lulu Dress sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts

Anywho, no fingers lost to this adorable Lulu dress designed by Jess of Craftiness is Not Optional. And I'm not just saying this because I'm such a big fan, but I was super impressed with the illustrations Jess made for the pattern instructions! They're so professional looking, and you can definitely tell she put a lot of effort into making everything clear and easy to follow. I know exactly how much hard work goes into making a great pattern, and always appreciate when you can tell the designer loves what they do. I can't wait to see what she'll make next!

Pattern review - Lulu Dress by Craftiness is Not Optional

A little off topic, (cuz you know I'm nothing if not concise right?) but I thought I should mention my growing love for Girl Charlee knits while I'm here. You probably couldn't tell from looking through my older outfits, but until this collection I never sewed anything from a knit fabric that wasn't a thrifted t-shirt. What can I say, I'm cheap and also bought into the "knits are hard to sew" mentality that seems to circulate through the sewing world. It's really dumb since I've always been a firm believer that anyone can sew  buttonholes and zippers, which most sewers seem terrified of at first. But luckily logic and pretty prints won out in the end and here I am completely hooked on knits! Thought you should know.

PS - Everyone gets 10% their first GirlCharlee order! Let me know if you'd like a referral code so they know I sent you!

The Lulu Dress Pattern by Craftiness is Not Optional sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts

Have you tried anything new lately?
I think my next adventure will be KAM Snaps. I've been seeing them everywhere 
lately and everyone seems to love them! Have you used them for anything yet?

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Getting in on the Summer Fun Series!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mini Recycled Greenhouses

I'm over at Nap-Time Creations today taking part in her awesome Summer Fun Series!
You'll definitely want to stop over and see what I made using "junk" out of my recycle bin. 
It's a pretty awesome idea if I do say so myself. ;-)

summer fun 7
Crochet Nautical Handbag by the Stitchin' Mommy
Strawberry Shortcake by O Taste and See
Mini Greenhouse by Sugar Tart Crafts on Nap-Time Creations

Hop on over to Nap-Time Creations, and don't forget to enter TWO great giveaways...
Happy Thursday!

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PS - Our internet here has gone dark at least six times in the last week (some baloney about a a node outage or whatever), so I've fallen a bit behind with my post writing and picture editing. (stupid comcast!) I'm trying to get everything back on track a quickly as possible, but if the Summer Collection posts begin getting farther and farther apart, now you know why. Can't work without WiFi. :-/
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